Environmental Commitment

At Dogs Forever Bakery, consideration for the environment is a priority.  How do we do that?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

- We try to reuse shipping packaging where possible.  Not your actual product container!  But the envelope, box or bubble mailer we use for shipping your product might have had another use before.

- Using recyclable shipping products

- moving to stamps from stickers where possible

- minimizing plastic wherever possible in product materials 

- continued sourcing of economical, environmentally friendly product and shipping materials 

What can I do as a customer to reduce my environmental waste and carbon footprint? 

- consider buying a few months of treats or products at once, (treats can be frozen!) 

- ask for "least amount of packaging possible" as an option when you check out.  What does this mean?  Depending on what you have purchased, we can package the item differently.  For example - for treats you may receive them in a thinner paper bag instead of the standard treat bag.  Give it a try!  We can all do our collective part to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.